IPFW vs. Denver and South Dakota Recaps

IPFW Mastodons

Yeah, I got a little behind on my IPFW recaps. That happens sometimes. Our IPFW Mastodons have played two games since I last wrote anything and both games came at home. IPFW was 0-2 to start their conference season and they were in desperate need of a victory. IPFW played Denver at home first and Denver was the only team in conference that beat them at home last season. This season it would not be the case as IPFW handled Denver pretty easily. They won 69-53. This could end up being the opposite of last season. Denver might end up being the only team the ‘Dons beat at home. They followed up the Denver win with a home loss to South Dakota. It was a close one but IPFW could not prevail as they lost 64-62.

Game Headlines

A Consistent Mo

Mo Evans has been very hit and miss with his games this season. There have been lots of bad shooting nights for the IPFW sophomore. He had a better time in these last two games. Mo scored 16 points against Denver with 5-of-9 (3-4 3PT) shooting. Mo continued playing well into the next game with another 16 point game. He didn’t shoot the ball as well in that one, but he still got his points going 6-of-13 (2-6 3PT). I would gladly take 16 points from Mo Evans every game. Keep that shooting consistent, Mo!

A Return to Form for Steve

Our boy Steve Forbes finally broke out of his rut. Now it didn’t happen in the Denver game. He was still pretty bad in that game. He only had 7 points on 1-of-3 shooting (5-6 FT). They didn’t need a great Steve Forbes in that one. The one true destroyer Steve Forbes returned against South Dakota. The big guy scored 24 points on 11-of-13 shooting. That’s the Steve we need even though IPFW lost that game. We’ll take the good with the bad as long as it means Steve Forbes is back to form.

More Notes

Inconsistency has been a killer for IPFW this season. Let’s compare the last two games of players.

Isaiah McCray was pretty nonexistent on the stat lines in the Denver game. He only took one shot (a miss) and grabbed one rebound. He did more in the South Dakota loss. He scored 7 points on 2-of-8 shooting (2-6 3PT). McCray also had 3 assists and 3 blocks. We’ll ignore those 3 turnovers. Too bad he didn’t make more of his shots in that South Dakota game. That’s the breaks sometimes.

Joe Reed had a good 12 point performance in the Denver win. I’d say he was a big part of the win there. I’d also say he was a big part of the loss to South Dakota because we didn’t get too much production out of him. You can partly blame that on the big game from Steve Forbes. Steve took up all the points in the paint. Reed only scored 2 points in the South Dakota game.

Joe Edwards was consistent in both games. He scored 8 points in both of them and he shot the ball well in both. Edwards does the little things well. He grabs rebounds and dishes the occasional assist. We need more from this guy.

Now back to that inconsistency I was talking about, let’s talk Max Landis. Landis had his best game at IPFW in the Denver win. He scored 13 points thanks to 3-of-4 3PT shooting. The South Dakota game didn’t go that well. No points for Max in the loss and he missed all three of his shots.

Michael Calder had 7 points in the win over Denver and 2 points in the South Dakota loss. I’m sensing a theme here.

Jure Gunjina scored 6 points in the Denver game and only 3 points in the South Dakota game.

So besides Isaiah McCray and Steve Forbes, everyone played worse in the South Dakota game. That pretty much explains the loss. You can even argue that McCray playing better in the Dakota game wasn’t of much help since he shot poorly. IPFW will need to gain a little more consistency from a couple people if they want to finish in the middle of the Summit League.

Next: Saturday at Oral Roberts

IPFW will travel to play a good Oral Roberts team this Saturday. Oral Roberts is currently tied for the Summit League lead at 3-1 in conference play. IPFW is right above Omaha for second to last place at 1-3. Two of those losses for IPFW came at home which is bad. Really bad. I don’t like IPFW’s chances of beating Oral Roberts. I would have liked them better at the beginning of the season but my faith has waned a bit. This team is still capable, but IPFW needs to bring the pieces together. I still believe. Show me that magic, IPFW!

-Brandon Brown


Indiana Basketball vs. Ohio State Recap

A Dream Come True for Me
A Dream Come True for Me

This past Saturday, the Ohio State Buckeyes came to Bloomington, Indiana to play the Indiana Hoosiers. They weren’t the only ones that showed up. I also visited Bloomington, Indiana for the first time in my life and it was amazing. I loved every second being there. There’s a magic to Assembly Hall that I cannot explain. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Nothing could wipe the smile from my face. Well, my smile wasn’t around much during the actual game. I was busy pulling my hair out during the actual game. The smile returned when D’Angelo Russell missed the game tying three at the end of the game giving Indiana the 69-66 win. Easily one the greatest days of my life.

Game Headlines

The Return of Troy Williams

Troy Williams is one of those players that can be your favorite and least favorite player in a matter of minutes. The Michigan State game was full of least favorite player Troy Williams who scored zero points that night. Troy returned to a favorite player status in the Ohio State victory. Williams scored 15 points, led the team with 3 assists, and grabbed a team high 12 rebounds. Not to mention he had some monster dunks that got the crowd to their feet. I know since I was there. I’m still waiting for him to get a mid range jumper, but for now we can rely on his pure athleticism.

Blackmon Breaks Slump

James Blackmon Jr. did not have a good shooting start to his first ever Big Ten season. He finally got out of his slump against Ohio State. It didn’t start that way. His first half only consisted of 2 points and it looked like he was on his way to another bad game. That all changed in the second half. Blackmon got to the rim more and didn’t settle for as many bad three point shots. He ended up shooting 6-of-13 after a 1-of-5 first half. Blackmon ended up leading the team in scoring with 18 points. Hopefully he can shake those shooting woes for good.

Ying Yang Yogi

Yogi Ferrell had a very interesting game for the Hoosiers. He didn’t play really well on offense. He only shot 1-of-8 in the game and had 4 turnovers. Yogi contributed elsewhere. The junior held D’Angelo Russell to 3-of-15 shooting. Ohio State was having problems shooting in general in this one but I will give Yogi some credit here. Yogi also made some big free throws down the stretch that helped put Ohio State away. He gets my respect in this one.

More Notes

Another bad game for Hanner Mosquera Perea. Hanner played only 8 minutes of action and fouled out of the game. He picked up two fouls within the first two minutes for the second straight game. Perea apparently has a knee injury as well and will miss the next few games so Indiana will take a hit to their depth.

Perea’s injury means more playing time for Emmitt Holt. Holt scored 5 points against Ohio State and grabbed 7 rebounds. There’s been times this year where I have preferred Holt over Perea so we’ll see what he can do with Perea out.

Collin Hartman will also get more minutes with Perea out. Heck, Hartman has been getting a lot of minutes lately as it is. I like Hartman. He does the little things out there even though he’s not much of a scorer. Hartman had 3 blocks in this game which is pretty good for a guy like Hartman.

Robert Johnson cooled off a little bit after playing better in the first two Big Ten games. Only 4 points for the freshman in this one thanks to a 2-of-8 shooting night with five misses from the three point line. He’ll get his shot going again at some point.

Nick Zeisloft played a very important role in the first half. The Hoosiers did not start the game well and they looked to be on their way to getting blown out again. That’s when Hartman and Zeisloft came into the game. Zeisloft made some big shots that got the Hoosiers out ahead. He did end up fouling out and he didn’t contribute too much in the second half, but his first half made up for that.

Stanford Robinson had one of his better games this year. I mean he only had 3 points but he looked better out there. Crean would often play him for his defense instead of Blackmon. Robinson will be able to get more time if he can become a defensive specialist.

Ohio State only shot 34.% in this one. They missed a lot of shots. I’ll give some credit to the Indiana defense, but I blame it more on Ohio State’s offense just having a bad night.

Indiana beat Ohio State in the rebounding battle 48 to 39. Indiana hit the glass pretty well I’d say. I came away impressed. The Hoosiers had been doing a good job winning the rebounding battle until the Michigan State game so it’s good to see them bounce back. Perea’s absence might hurt them a big going forward but he only had two rebounds in this one so it might not matter.

Indiana beat Ohio State by only making 4 three pointers. That’s weird considering the outside shot is a huge part of Indiana’s game. It did help that Ohio State only made 3 three pointers.

Next: Tuesday vs. Penn State

I couldn’t talk anyone into getting me back to Bloomington to watch another game. I’m hooked. I want to watch more at Assembly Hall. I actually went to a game where the students weren’t quite back in full capacity yet. The place was still pretty loud and upbeat. I can’t imagine what it’s like with all the students around. Penn State comes into this game with an 0-3 record in the Big Ten after starting 12-1. That proves to me they played a weak non-conference schedule. Indiana is 2-1 in conference thanks to wins at Nebraska and home vs. Ohio State. I like the Hoosiers at home here. We don’t want a repeat performance of last year’s blown home win to the Nittany Lions. I want to block that game from my memory. The Hoosiers should win this one but anything can happen in the Big Ten. We know that because Wisconsin lost at Rutgers. I still say Indiana wins. I’m sticking to that pick.

Dallas Cowboys Wildcard Weekend Review

This was apparently a big play in the game
This was apparently a big play in the game

The NFL Playoffs began last week and it wasn’t without some controversy. The Dallas Cowboys played the Detroit Lions at home in the last game of wildcard weekend. It did not go well for the Cowboys in the beginning. The Lions rattled off 14 points and took a 17-7 lead into halftime. Tony Romo and the Cowboys battled back in the second half. Down 20-17 with less than three minutes to go, Tony Romo threw a touchdown pass to Terrance Williams which would prove to be the game winner. The Cowboys advanced to the NFC Divisional Round for the first time since 2009 with a 24-20 win over the Detroit Lions.

Game Headlines

Picking Up The Flag

You can’t talk about this game without mentioning the big controversy surrounding it. Oh yes, there was a flag that was picked up in this game. Matthew Stafford threw a pass to Brandon Pettigrew who was being guarded by Anthony Hitchens. Hitchens was originally called for pass interference before the referees picked up the flag. Who knows why they picked up that flag? Did the refs really think it was a good idea to change the call? Did a helmetless Dez Bryant sway them? I don’t know. All I know is that in the end it doesn’t really matter. The Lions blew a big lead and they blew their chances. They could have gone for it on the fourth down that followed that play and instead they had a terrible punt. Things did not go the way of the Detroit Lions and that’s the breaks sometimes. Maybe Jerry Jones delved into dark magic or something. Who knows! All I know is the Cowboys are playing this weekend and not the Lions.

Rallying Romo

I covered that the Cowboys did not start the game very well and neither did Tony Romo. Romo’s QBR was a mediocre 34.7 in this game. His numbers were 19 for 31 for 293 yards. Those aren’t exactly the best numbers he’s ever had. Give credit to the Detroit defense with Suh and company sacking Romo six times. Romo came alive in the clutch though. We have seen Romo blow some games in his time and we’ve seen him be very clutch at times. Cowboys fans never know what Romo we are going to see. This time we saw the clutch Romo who delivered a brilliant pass to Terrance Williams that ultimately won the game.

More Information

DeMarco Murray did not have an easy day with the Lions. The Lions are the best run defense in the NFL. Murray did still manage 75 yards and a touchdown so he wasn’t a total failure. I expect Murray to have a better game against the Packers.

Terrance Williams has come out of nowhere the past few weeks. I’ve mentioned before that he seemed to disappear in the middle of the season. He’s back now. Two touchdown catches in this one including one for 76 yards and another one which was the game winner. He’s peaking at the right time.

Jason Witten caught five passes in this one. The most important being on 4th and 6 on the Cowboys final drive. Now you can argue the refs missed a hold call on this one, but calls like that are missed all the time. Witten caught the pass and the Cowboys got their first down.

Cole Beasley continues to play well too. It’s been awhile since all three Cowboys wide receivers were on such a nice run. Tony Romo will have plenty of weapons to look to when he visits Lambeau Field.

DeMarcus Lawrence learned to fall on the fumble the second time. Lawrence picked up one fumble and quickly fumbled it right back to the Lions. That recovery could have won the game and had the Lions drove down the field and scored then the Cowboys would have blown it again. Lawrence made up for his mistake though and sacked Stafford which resulted in another fumble. This time he got on it. Glad he learned his lesson.

Dan Bailey missed a field goal in this one. He needs to stop doing that. I like when he’s super accurate.

Next: Sunday at Green Bay in the NFC Divisional Round

For the first time since the Ice Bowl which was 47 years ago, the Dallas Cowboys are going to visit Lambeau Field in the postseason. The Green Bay Packers were 12-4 on the season and won the NFC North. They are a very good team led by the “Bad Man” Aaron Rodgers. I’ll admit to being very worried about my Dallas Cowboys. Their defense isn’t the greatest in the world and Green Bay has one of the best offenses in football. Now Aaron Rodgers has that slight tear in his calf, but I don’t think that is going to matter. Rodgers will play and he will play well. I bet the Cowboys are thinking the same thing. They are going to take Rodgers seriously like he is 100%. Hopefully the Cowboys offense can compete. Dallas has many offensive weapons and I don’t think Green Bay’s defense is as good as Detroit’s defense. The Packers haven’t lost at home and the Cowboys haven’t lost on the road. It makes for a great story. I think it will be a close one actually, but I will be rooting for my Cowboys.

-Brandon Brandon

Indiana Basketball at Michigan State Recap

This picture of Nick Zeisloft after the game perfectly captures what went wrong
This picture of Nick Zeisloft after the game perfectly captures what went wrong

The Indiana Hoosiers traveled to East Lansing on Monday to play the Michigan State Spartans. I’m aware they traveled there, but I am unsure if they actually made it inside the Breslin Center. I think they sent in some replacement players that looked like the team instead. Either way, that Hoosier team got blown out of the Breslin Center. Sparty won 70-50 in a very one sided affair. Indiana never got out of the gate. They were down 19 at halftime and Michigan State knew they could coast from there. I expected a loss but not a loss that bad. Probably the most disappointing game of the season and the includes a loss at home to Eastern Washington.

Game Headlines

Big Zeroes from Perea and Williams

It’s hard to win games when two of your starters have a combined zero points in the game. Hanner Mosquera-Perea followed up the best performance of his career against Nebraska with arguably the worst performance of his career in this game. Perea had two fouls within the first couple of minutes and Tom Crean wasn’t not happy about that. Crean even blasted Perea after the game and said that he might have to start Emmitt Holt if he doesn’t play better. Perea only ended up playing for 10 minutes while Holt played 22 minutes. Troy Williams didn’t have a long night either. Williams only took two shots and was often careless with the ball. He only played 17 minutes of action. Indiana plays really well when these two are firing on all cylinders. When these two are playing like they did on Monday, Indiana isn’t going to win very many games.

Blackmon’s Slump Continues

James Blackmon Jr. is one of the best shooters in college basketball. The problem is that every shooter is liable to have a slump every now and then. Poor Blackmon is in that slump. The star freshman shot only 1-of-14 in the game. He finished with 8 points but six of those came at the free throw line. Blackmon did have six rebounds which was tied for the most on the team with Robert Johnson. Indiana is going to need Blackmon to break out of this funk or else the Hoosiers will be in serious jeopardy of missing the NCAA Tournament.

Yogi Showed Up

Yes, Yogi Ferrell was the only Hoosier who actually showed up at Michigan State. He didn’t really show up until the second half though. Yogi led the team in scoring with 17 points but he only shot 6-of-16 (3-10 3PT). I feel early in the game that Indiana was having Troy Williams do too much and should have let Yogi do most of the ball handling. That happened more in the second half, but it was way too late by that time.

More Notes

Robert Johnson is moving up my favorite player list. He had the second best game on the team shooting 4-of-9 to finish with 9 points and he grabbed 6 rebounds. He’s starting to get more consistent and I feel he doesn’t take as many bad shots as Blackmon and Ferrell do. We’ll see if that changes in time.

The 3 Hs: Hartman, Holt, and Hoetzel, all saw 12 plus minutes. They only combined for 8 points, but it was obvious that Crean liked playing these three more than he did Perea on Monday.

Nick Zeisloft is still in his shooting slump. The guy only takes three pointers and he’s not doing well at the moment. Only 1-of-6 in this contest. Someone needs to teach him a mid range game.

The Hoosiers shot 28.3% in this one. Not going to win any games shooting that bad. Indiana did shoot 84.6% from the free throw line. That’s a positive. I’m glad they could make shots from somewhere.

Michigan State had 50 rebounds. Indiana had umm…..28. Ouch. Michigan State had 21 assists. Indiana had umm……8. Michigan State had 7 blocks. Indiana had umm……1. Michigan State had 11 turnovers. Indiana had ummmmm……wait a minute…..they only had 6 turnovers. Of course Indiana gets beat by 20 in a game where they barely turn the ball over. Shooting really bad from three point range might as well count as turnovers since it leads to easy transition points for the other team.

Next: Saturday vs. Ohio State

Indiana will need to put this game behind them. Very far behind them! Indiana returns to Bloomington (it could be argued they never left) to play the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Buckeyes are ranked 22nd this week and Indiana won’t have an easy time with them. Hopefully the home cooking from Assembly Hall will power the Hoosiers and they will shoot the ball a lot better than they have been. I’m really looking forward to this game because it will be the first Indiana game I have ever attended. I’ve been watching the Hoosiers all my life and finally I will be able to step into Assembly Hall and watch them play. They better win or else I will be a sad Hoosier!

-Brandon Brown

IPFW Basketball vs. IUPUI Recap

IPFW Mastodons

Where do we begin? It hasn’t been the best week for my basketball teams. I support three teams: two in college and one in the NBA. I’ve witnessed two twenty point blowouts this week and this game. The result of this game was only a five point loss but it was worse than both of those twenty point blowouts. This is a game that IPFW basketball would have won at the beginning of the season. That team was playing pretty well. This current incarnation of IPFW basketball is playing awful. IPFW dropped their third straight game and sixth out of eight with the 63-58 loss to in-state rival IUPUI. The ‘Dons haven’t beaten a Division 1 school since December 6th when they beat Miami (OH). Kiss the Summit League Title goodbye.

Game Headlines

Space Jam Aliens

The Space Jam aliens have sapped the talent of a few IPFW players. Mo Evans has been inconsistent all season. His shot hasn’t been falling and it doesn’t appear to be getting better. I kept thinking he’d go on a hot streak at some point but now I’m in doubt. He has the talent to get it done, but he just needs a great game to break out of the slump. I’d argue starting Michael Calder over him and sending him to the bench. He worked well in the sixth man role last year. The other talent stolen was the talent of the great Steve Forbes. Forbes dominated the early part of the season. It didn’t seem like anyone could stop him. Then Steve suffered that ankle injury and he hasn’t been the same. Evans and Forbes in the IUPUI game combined for one made field goal and 7 points. That’s not going to get it done.

Reed and McCray Also Struggle

The aliens got to these guys too. Joe Reed has been playing good basketball the last few games. He finally came down to earth in this one. Reed shot 1-of-3 in the game and scored 4 points to go with 9 rebounds. I’m surprised that he took such a low amount of shots. Maybe it’s because Isaiah McCray was taking all the shots…..and missing them. McCray went 2-of-13 (0-6 3PT) and finished with 9 points thanks to free throw line shooting. He also had 9 rebounds. I respect that McCray has been playing well this season, but I hate when he has these off games. I bet he does too. His consistency has been all over the place which has been the story for IPFW this season. They are very inconsistent with their scoring. It seems that usually one player has a good game while everyone else shoots terribly. The thing that made the 2013-2014 IPFW team so good was that they usually got good consistent scoring from at least two players a game. This team usually gets one which brings us to….

Joe Edwards!

Yeah, Joe Edwards was the only starter that played well in this one. The senior scored 17 points on 6-of-12 shooting. He was the lucky player that got to keep his powers from the Space Jam aliens. The ‘Dons shot 36% in this game. Good thing Edwards was there to keep the percent up that high.

More Notes

Max Landis and Michael Calder played well off the bench. Calder scored 12 points on 5-of-6 shooting while Landis was 3-of-6 which was good for 9 points. Landis actually played more minutes than most of the starters so Coach Coffman seems high on him. I’ve liked Calder since he had that one good Canada game. I hope he gets more minutes.

Calhoun and Gunjina played in very limited action.Not sure how much we will actually see of these guys in Summit League play. No more Judsons on the schedule where they can be given playing time.

IUPUI shot 47.6%. I feel the IPFW defense has been really lacking this year. The defense doesn’t have a consistent offense to back them up this year so they need to get stops. The defense last year could afford to be mediocre. This team doesn’t have that luxury.

IPFW with Steve Forbes and Joe Reed got dominated on points in the paint and second chance points. That’s a problem. IUPUI, the team picked to finish last in the Summit League, should not be able to come in and take advantage of the team that was picked to finish first in the League. Coach Coffman is going to need to get these kids to fix this problem or else they will find themselves at the bottom of the Summit League.

Next: Thursday vs. Denver

It’s not getting easier for IPFW. This time Denver comes to town and IPFW will be looking to avoid a third straight Summit League loss. Denver ruined senior night last season which was the only home game IPFW lost in conference. IPFW will need to come in with improved defense and some consistent scoring or else Denver will beat them again. IPFW comes into this game as the only team in the Summit League without a win. That needs to change tonight or else it will be a long conference season. I still think this team can make a run. They just need to show up and play hard. I’m hoping that starts tonight.

-Brandon Brown

Indiana Basketball vs. Nebraska Recap

Shut up, Tim!
Shut up, Tim!

Remember when Indiana played Nebraska. It seemed so long ago. Heck, I think they played that game last year! Oh yes, Indiana visited Nebraska on December 31st. How could we forget! That game kicked off the Big Ten season for both teams. Indiana fans knew going on the road to Nebraska would be a tough challenge for their young Hoosiers, but they young Hoosiers surprised us on this day. Indiana went to Lincoln, Nebraska and they came away with a 70-65 victory. Now that’s how you start a Big Ten basketball season!

Game Headlines

Hanner Mosquera-Perea’s Best Game

Yep, you read that right. Hanner Mosquera-Perea played what I believe was his best game in a Hoosier uniform. Hoosier fans have dreamed of the moment when Yogi would be throwing up lobs to Perea and we finally got that against Nebraska. I almost thought I was watching the Los Angeles Clippers…..well….maybe I shouldn’t go that far. Perea scored 12 points and racked up 10 rebounds for his first career double double. I’ll admit that I was shocked to find out that was only his first double double, but it came at a great time. He might have done even more in the game had it not been for foul trouble in the first half. Perea stepped up his game in the second half and to me he was the primary reason Indiana got back ahead and won the game. Hats off to Hanner!

Robert Johnson Giving the Huskers the Blues

Robert Johnson arguably played his best game as a Hoosier too. Johnson scored 14 points on 5-of-9 (3-6 3PT) shooting. Those three pointers came at good times too when Indiana really needed them. The first couple came when Indiana got down early in the game. The other one coming later after Johnson seemed to have disappeared from the game. There was a scary moment for the Indiana freshman in the game when he hit the ground pretty hard. He recovered and returned to the game later. I said in a previous recap that I expected Robert Johnson to have one or two big games in the Big Ten season. I’m really hoping there isn’t only one left. Give us more, R.J.!

Troy Williams Dominance

I love watching Troy Williams play. He plays with no fear. There were times in the first half where Troy drove right past Nebraska defenders and had easy lay-ups. Indiana to me was definitely the better team when Troy Williams was on the court. I recall him having some minor foul trouble and he didn’t play as much as I would have liked. Nebraska came back in the game when Williams wasn’t playing. The one problem with Troy’s came is his lack of a jump shot. Someone teach him a pull up jumper and Troy Williams will become a potential Big Ten Player of the Game. Williams had 13 points and 6 rebounds in the Nebraska win.

More Notes

Our two normal Indiana scorers, Blackmon and Ferrell, combined for only 13 points. Neither one of them shot the ball very well, but they stood out in other areas of the game. Yogi commanded the offense and dished out 8 assists. I could argue that Yogi was the most important player of this game even with is lack of scoring. He does so much on both ends of the floor that he doesn’t always have to score. Blackmon grabbed 8 rebounds which was second behind Perea. He made some big three pointers when needed. I like that even when his shot is off that he keeps shooting. Keep shooting and eventually some will fall through the net.

Emmitt Holt came entered the game in the first half with Perea in foul trouble. Holt took over the game. He dominated on offense and defense. Holt scored 6 points and he disrupted a few Nebraska plays on defense. I was surprised he didn’t play in the second half, but Perea played so well that they didn’t need him. It didn’t stop Big Ten Network from giving him the sixth man of the game award. Props to Holt and we hope to see more of him.

Collin Hartman only scored 1 point but he brought good energy for the Hoosiers. I’ll admit to not always being happy with his performance in the game, but he did make some plays. He’s a hustle guy and Indiana needs that type of player.

Nick Zeisloft went 1-of-6 from three point distance. You need to make more of those, Nick! You are useless to me without making three pointers! He’s going to get hot one game and I’m going to love it.

Stanford Robinson has gotten his fair share of criticism this year. It’s been warranted. He probably played his best game against Nebraska. He still took wild shots but this time some of them went in which game Robinson 8 points. He’s a lot like Troy Williams where he needs to work on his jump shot. That might give him more minutes or else he needs to become a defensive specialist or something. It’s tough getting playing time on this team without specializing in something. Robinson will find that niche.

Indiana beat Nebraska in the rebounding battle 44-31. Tom Crean has to be congratulated for getting these Hoosiers to rebound even when their team is small compared to most Big Ten teams.

The Hoosiers turned the ball over 11 times. That’s not too surprising of a number. Half of them are still what I would call unforced turnovers. Indiana gets too careless sometimes with their fast pace and that results in losing the ball. It happens. We deal with it.

Best part of the game might have been when Nebraska coach Tim Miles was yelling at Tom Crean while Crean was just staring at him. It was hilarious.

Next: Monday at Michigan State

Indiana travels to East Lansing to play the Michigan State Spartans. Sparty has been a weird team this year. They lost at home to Mike Davis and Texas Southern which was shocking. They also lost their Big Ten opener at home to a good Maryland team in double overtime. It’s too bad they didn’t play this game sooner so Indiana could have played a tired Michigan State team. Oh well, Indiana will have to try and win against a well rested Michigan State team instead. I think Sparty will bounce back. Tom Izzo will have these kids ready to play Indiana. The Hoosiers have a good chance to win this game if they make their three pointers which means they have to shoot it better than they did at Nebraska. A win for Indiana could be huge since they would be 2-0 in the Big Ten with both wins being on the road. A loss for Michigan State would probably end any hope they have at a Big Ten Title with two home losses. I’d love for Indiana to win this game but it’s going to be tough. We’re all for you, Indiana!

-Brandon Brown

IPFW Basketball vs. Western Illinois Recap


What happened to my Summit League favorites? IPFW looked good early in the season with a 6-2 record but now the ‘Dons have fallen to 7-7 with losses in four out of their last five games. That stretch of games includes Friday’s Summit League opener at Western Illinois where IPFW lost 73-67. I said in the Cal Poly recap that IPFW probably needed to win their first four games to have a shot at the Summit League crown. They’re in some trouble now.

Game Headlines

IPFW’s Preseason Favorites

Steve Forbes and Mo Evans came into the season as the guys everyone thought would take home some hardware at the end of the season in the Summit League. They started off their 2015 Summit League campaign by….fouling out. That’s not what we like to see. Now Mo Evans actually played 33 minutes so he did get a lot of action in this one. He scored 11 points on 4-of-9 shooting while also dishing three assists and grabbing six rebounds. Overall, Mo Evans had a pretty solid day. Poor Steve Forbes didn’t get nearly that much playing time. Forbes only played 23 minutes and he finished with just 7 points. It wasn’t his best game to say the least. Forbes had four turnovers in that time period and a technical foul. I don’t know how much that ankle is still bothering him, but hopefully he can get out of this funk.

Reed Leads the Way

Joe Reed have proven to be IPFW’s most consistent player in the last few games. He might be in line for some hardware at the end of the season if he keeps up this type of play. Reed scored 20 points on 6-of-13 shooting as well as going 6-of-9 from the free throw line. Reed pulled down six rebounds too. IPFW has needed him to step up since Michael Kibilowski graduated. Jure Gunjina is a similar player to Kibilowski, but he hasn’t developed to that level yet so Reed and Forbes have to do most of the work in the post.

Double Double for McCray

Isaiah McCray has shown some flashes of brilliance this season for IPFW. There’s been a few games where he has had to step up and lead the way for the “Dons. McCray showed he was ready to play Summit League basketball against the Leathernecks of Western Illinois. He shot the ball pretty well going 5-of-8 and scoring 12 points and he grabbed 12 rebounds to finish the game with a double double. That probably won’t be a common occurrence for McCray but it is good to see happen every once in awhile.

More Notes

Bad shooting day for Joe Edwards going only 1-of-8. You hate seeing that.

Eleven bench points for IPFW coming from Max Landis (6 points) and Michael Calder (5 points). IPFW only played three bench players total after they had been using at least four or five in the last few games.

Neither team shot the ball well with both IPFW and Western Illinois shooting 39.6%.

Western Illinois killed IPFW in free throw numbers. The Leathernecks took 36 free throws to only 24 for IPFW. Garret Covington went 11-of-12 from the line and Jabari Sandifer shot 12-of-16 from the line for Western Illinois. Those two players combined had more free throw attempts than IPFW. You can’t let that happen if you want to win games.

Next: Sunday vs. IUPUI

IPFW returns home to play their in-state rivals: the IUPUI Jaguars. IPFW needs this win. They can’t afford to lose if they want to win the Summit League. This three game home stretch have become the three most important games of the season because IPFW needs to win all three of them. One slip-up and they probably end up a four or five seed in the Summit League Tournament. They win all three and they might have a chance still. I probably shouldn’t write a team out for losing their first game, but they still have games at North Dakota State, South Dakota State, Oral Roberts, and Denver. You can’t lose to weaker teams like Western Illinois on the road if you want to win this conference. IPFW should beat IUPUI at home. I’m not really worried about this game. IUPUI is easily the worst team in the conference so hopefully IPFW blows them out. Let’s get the win, Mastodons!

-Brandon Brown